Is Dr. Oz Garcinia Cambogia a blood thinner?

Blood, which is the red substance that runs all over the body, is a very important mode of transport for the body’s system. Remember it acts as the vehicle which moves literally everything from one quarter of the body to the next. Its movement in the body is what aids the functioning of the brain which is basically the engine that controls all the body functions. Without this red substance, there can be no life in the body. If it exists insufficiently, this is also a cause for worry. It may also get thicker than is required for one reason or the other which may lead to blood clotting thereby hindering the normal movement or its flow within the body systems. In fact, blood clots are known to hinder flow of blood to the brain, heart and lungs which may lead to fatal heart attacks or stroke.

To prevent this very dangerous situation, people opt for blood thinners that help in keeping blood in an acceptable condition which will prevent blood cells from sticking together within the arteries and veins. Other blood thinners prevent clots by increasing the amount of time it takes for the blood to clot. There are those who have been diagnosed with varying forms of heart diseases and may be advised to use blood thinners. In case you suffer from any of these blood related problems and at the same time you are handling a weight problem, you may ask; ‘Is Dr. Oz Garcinia Cambogia a blood thinner?

We will take a look at this supplement and find the relationship between blood thinning and garcinia cambogia. First of all, this supplement has HCA which helps in fat burning (source). In most cases, blood clots are as a result of too much fat that we get from the fatty foods we consume. If the fat is not used up, it penetrates to certain quarters within the body’s system which usually leads to big bellies, thighs or even bottoms. Since almost all the movements within the body is aided by blood, some fat intoxicate blood thereby making it thicker than normal. This slows down the heart rate which in turn may lead to diseases such as stroke or heart failures. When the heart ceases to function properly, the end result may be fatal illnesses or even death.

Reduction in body fat is therefore a blood thinner in a way. Since Garcinia Cambogia Dr Oz suppresses cravings for foods, especially for snacks and sweets, there is an underlying co-relation between garcinia and blood thinning. If you are on any heart related drugs, be sure to let your doctor know because you may aggravate your situation.

It is recommended that heart disease patients who are on anticoagulant medications ought to use herbals and teas with extra caution. There are certain herbs that interfere with anti-clotting activities of blood thinners which may increase bleeding. While at it, remember to keep your diet healthy. Taking moderate amounts of vitamin k rich foods in the diet is recommended. They are; cabbage, kale, spinach and lettuce among others.

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